Embedded for Her is a 10-week course in embedded systems for women,
focusing on developing skills like peripheral interfacing, sensor/actuator interfacing and more.

This program is now over!

The first iteration of this program was successfully completed with the execution of an open day. However, the EfH community is still strong!
We have regular meetups and are always open to new members. You can join the conversation on our discourse forum or drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!


Understand fundamentals

Does a LED always glow when you drive a signal high? What's stored in Flash and RAM? By strengthening your fundamentals you can answer these and many such questions.

Develop skill set

Learn skills relevant for an embedded systems developer. Including peripheral interfacing, compiling & linking, debugging, circuit development, sensor/actuator interfacing and much more.

Enhance your portfolio

Add another project to your portfolio, this time a complete embedded project. Let it shine in your CV and interviews. Make a video of it working, explain it in a blog and use it to reach out to the community.

Give your ideas wings

The ability to make things made of plastic and silicon do your bidding can give quite a rush. Get to know and share the satisfaction of making an idea in your head work in the physical world.

Build confidence

Be it your next freelancing task or a project for a competition, you know you are up for the challenge. You can prove your worth when companies are looking for competent embedded engineers.

Get connected

As the classes will be held in different locations, the participants can connect and interact with the start-ups, industries and makers.



10-week intensive course

Embedded for Her is an intensive 80-hour program in embedded systems with emphasis on learning practical hands-on skills.


Theory, practicals & projects

The 1st half of the program contains lectures intertwined with hands-on tasks. As we believe in learning by doing, the 2nd half consists of a team-based project work.



Women who have a basic background in either computer science or electronics. If you've dabbled in coding you can apply.



Every Saturday from 10th June to 12th Aug. The whole day from 10:00 to 18:00.


Rs. 5000/-

The program fee is solely for the hardware provided to the participants, which includes a development board, soldering-gun, multimeter and much more.


Across Bengaluru

Sessions will be held all over Bengaluru in various start-ups, makerspaces and community centres.

Only 12 participants!


Embedded for Her was on 10 consecutive Saturdays from 10th June to 12th Aug 2017.
  • 15th May

    Application period

    Registrations for this program closed on 15th May 2017.

  • Week 1-5


    The coursework started off with a hands-on session learning the basic components that make up a typical circuit. After that bare metal embedded coding, peripheral interfacing including GPIOs, timers and serial communication protocols was taught. Hands-on tasks were included for every topic.

  • Week 5

    Project initiation

    Teams of 4 were formed and a project was decided by each team. This is the project that the team worked on, right from deciding the end goal, choosing the technology to use and the actual implementation and testing.

  • Week 6-9

    Project work

    Participants worked with mentors to decide their project's roadmap, understand what to learn and to debug the problem that was keeping them awake.

  • Week 10

    Final sprint

    The last weekend was a two-day event where the final touches were given to the project for the show & tell event. Attendees to this event were quite impressed.

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Course Instructors

Nardini holds a Master's degree in Communication Systems. Currently she’s working in Team Indus, an aerospace start-up in Bengaluru.

Prithvi is a freelancer embedded systems engineer. Has experience of the entire product development cycle of a crowd-funded product. Currently working with tech for wildlife conservation.

Nirzaree investigates novel sensing paradigms and algorithms for wearable tech focused towards cyclists at Lumos, a startup in Bangalore. She holds a master's degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering with a specialisation in Embedded Systems. She loves science, travel and the environment.

Kameshwari has spent 20+ years in embedded systems developing software for telecom switching, networking protocols, automotive infotainment and sustenance of the OS. She has spent a considerable amount of this time mentoring young engineers at her organization.

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ONZE Technologies (I) Pvt Ltd
Workbench Projects
Bangalore Alpha Lab
Black Pepper Technologies
IKP Knowledge Park


Embedded for Her is an initiative by a group of people who believe in creating an inclusive environment in the technology sector. This program is organized by volunteers from FSMK. People involved with this program include students, hobbyists, freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees of various organizations, with everyone volunteering their time and energy.

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